Good Meetings

Tagungen im Räuber Lippoldskrug Brunkensen
Successful meetings in the hotel and restaurant Räuber Lippoldskrug
Even if you plan meetings or seminars, you are in good hands with us.
In addition to a professional technical equipment we offer with Lippoldzimmer, small hall, rooms with areas from 54 to 115 sqm.

The following technical equipment is available in the house:

  • Beamer

  • Beamer Canvas

  • Flipchart

  • Pinnwände

  • Speaker System with microphone

We have have a lot experience In the professional accompaniment of seminars.
Let us know your wishes concerning the process, food etc.

We will prepare for you and submit a concrete offer according to your specifications or you can choose from our predefined conference packages.

Daily Flat Rate:

Whether meeting, conference or seminar.
With our predefined packages, you will quickly find just the right culinary accompaniment for your event.

Based on one of your number of participants coordinated room with seating of your choice as well

The existing conference equipment such as: flip chart, overhead projector, moderation walls as well as blocks and pens for the participants can be selected from the following packages:

Our Daily Flatrate